Not The Pursers Daughter Book

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Not The Pursers Daughter Book

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This book has been researched and written by Jill (Jilly) Ashley Miller in order to raise money for NORWICH MENCAP who look after her Down’s Syndrome daughter. All proceeds go directly to the charity. This book recounts the first twenty one years of the author’s life from earliest memories of nursery life in her family home in Yorkshire to the end of her service in the WRNS in 1946. It is a bitter-sweet story of love and loss, relating her unhappy schooldays at Cheltenham Ladies’ College and the death of her sister in a bicycling accident to wartime parties, on-off love affairs and the harsh realities of life as a naval coder. If you are interested in contacting the author please email Jilly on . (Hardback – ISBN 978-0-9550887-3-5 ) (The price is ?19.99 POST FREE for the UK, all of which will be passed on to Norwich Mencap) The people and places mentioned in this book include: Airedale, Anson, Boswell, Bovill, Brooke, Broome, de las Casas, Challis, Connor, Cloudesley-Smith, Cumming, Dallas Ross, Ferrier, Goulder, Gladstone, Goff, Goldthorpe, Gowrie, Grantchester, Gray, Guthrie, Hardy, Harris, Hattersley, Hawkesworth, Hilton-Jones, Hine-Haycock, Irwin, Jamieson, Kitson, Koestler, Leather, Lennard, May Somerville, McNaughton, Montagu, Montague, Moores, Nevett, Popham, Porchester, Porter, Royds, Russell-Vick, Scott-Montague, Shiell, Strain, Swaythling, Suterland, Tate, Wallin, Wolfe-Barry, Wyllie.


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